Being Built At Startup Weekend Singapore Right Now!


Check out these ideas that are coming out of Startup Weekend Singapore.

 You can track the progress of all these teams at our Facebook page or at #swsg2012 The teams will be giving their final presentations tomorrow 11th of March 2012 6pm in this order. If you’re reading this, feel free to drop by!


Holidiary is a place where friends can privately aggregate all of their travel/holiday activities as they happen. Everything from tweets, checkins, and photos – through a geo-tagged timeline. Later, relive they can relive the memories.


Heatr – A simple but highly useful Location Based Group Chat


HelpMe – We are building a proof-of-concept Emergency Services App for end-users and a Communications Platform for Emergency Services operators using current Web 2.0 technologies instead of the legacy, voice-call only systems in use today.


Juubs is a platform that connects people with the skills and the time to run errands to people who needs a helping hand with any tasks.



My Customers –  A CRM application on iOS platform. Simple to use and the data is saved in cloud server for security.


Mystery Shopper – A Mobile Platform to help Small and Medium size business to improve their business processes and increase revenue.




Smart Tasker is a smartphone and web based solution, that enables companies to outsource field information collection ins certain place and offers flexible work opportunity to people. People can earn money with their smartphone by taking pictures and finding answers to questions.


CloudStat – a cloud statistical analysis tool


ShopperHolly – Mobile platform for Blogshop owners.



SnapSell – Dead easy way to sell stuff on a mobile-first marketplace.


TietheKnot – Untie the hassle and frustrations. TietheKnot is a platform that provides couples with ease in searching for reliable wedding services. Enjoy a fun, fuss-free and social wedding planning experience!


Sonar Finder is a  smartphone and tablet game that uses sonar to find friends and places of interest. When you approach a hostile, go into periscope mode to fire a torpedo and scuttle them. Run out of missiles, and go dock at a place to be restocked. Play within your network of friends or play for random encounters.



StarCall – A platform where fans can bid for a chance to have a 1-to-1 video call with their favorite celebrities and help charities. – Everyone resolves to achieve goals, but many of us lose steam half way. is an app that lets you invite friends to challenge you to achieve your goal. So log on now, set an ambitious new goal, and bet your friends that you’ll make it happen!



ExamWarriors is an upcoming platform which will consolidate all the resources a student may need to ace a class. It will allow students to search and download any document (solved assignments, past essays, class notes). It will also allow people to ask and answer topic-specific questions. Most importantly, it will allow students to create an easily-manageable private portfolio of all their past work, and choose what to release publicly. It will enhance peer-to-peer learning and advance education worldwide.


Fitho described by the founder: “Some of my close friends and ex-colleagues in India are suffering from heart attacks and diabetes and this trigger my passion to solve lifestyle diseases. Close to 130 million Indians are suffering.  The most basic solution to check these diseases is to eat healthy n stay fit while being motivated to do so. We are proposing a web and mobile platform which will moniter your food intake and daily activity. The best part is apart from your friends you will be motivated and recommended solutions by doctors and fitness centers.  We are following freemium model – free with ads and premium with additional features.”


WeReDe – A reward system that gets primary school children to play an educative application (parent’s desire) so that the child can later unlock his wish list progressively upon completing each milestone with sufficient points.


Fiero – A reward network that enable brands and companies to reach out to users who play games by offering rewards at their accomplishment stage.